Saturday January 24th - 4:00pm EST. Our Apologies! The upgrade to our website has run into some problems :( The site will be down until Sunday @ 10am EST. Really sorry for the delay and inconvenience this has caused. I have listed below the upcoming Exam-AID sessions - please put them in your calendar and come back to register tomorrow.

If you are interested in applying to or looking to pay for) an Outreach Trip, email, and we can let you know when the site and online forms are back up!

STAY CONNECTED: To stay in the know for this issue (AND if there are any outages throughout the term, make sure you are a fan of Your campus' SOS facebook group (search "York SOS" or "Waterloo SOS" to find them) to learn about upcoming sessions, and updates on outages etc.

Apologies again for the inconvenience, we're working as fast as we can :) Email if you have any urgent issues or questions.